5 Signs You Need To Clean Your Drain

5 Signs You Need To Clean Your Drain

Another day, another opportunity to gain knowledge for homeowners on how to care for their homes better than before. In this blog, you will learn how to take care of your drains and understand the signs of when to clean your drains.

Why is cleaning your drain necessary? Your drains have a significant purpose in your house; from the word itself, it drains all your waste water away from your home into your sewers. It collects groundwater and prevents your home from flooding.

Drain cleaning is essential to your home. Maintaining the functionality of your home is a great way to prevent other problems from occurring, especially if you are living in a flood-prone area. Clean drainage will help you avoid troubles as much as possible. To help you decide whether to clean your drainage, here are five signs you need to clean your drains.

Sign 1: Slow Drainage 

When your drainage system is blocked or clogged, you can notice that the water goes down more slowly than usual. Slow drainage is the earliest sign of clogging, so you should clean your drain. Debris build-up like hair, oil, or grease inside blocks the water from going smoothly into the gutters.

Ignoring slow drainage can result in more problems like water damage and unpleasant surprises. As a homeowner, you wouldn’t want that to happen. Once you experience slow drainage in your home, consult and hire reliable drain cleaning services in Daly City immediately.

Sign 2: Unpleasant Odors

As mentioned earlier, dirty drainage or clogged drainage results from debris build-up. Therefore, all the build-up in your drainage produces unpleasant odors due to the bacteria, germs, and other organisms living there. It is common to experience in sewers since the water doesn’t flow properly sometimes.

Stagnant water also produces foul odors due to the low oxygen, and the bacteria on it are the reason why it produces an unpleasant smell. If you notice a smell coming from your kitchen sink, in the bathroom, or your gutters, don’t ignore it and immediately call for cleaning services.

Professional cleaning services for your drains can eliminate foul odors immediately without disturbing your peace. Cleaning your drains can get messy, so leaving it to the experts is better. 

Sign 3: Gurgling or Bubbling Sounds

When you flush your toilet, there’s a sound that you can hear from the water. Same with your kitchen sink; you can hear a sound while waiting for the water to go down. However, when you hear a gurgling or a bubbling sound coming from the drains, there might be another reason for that sound.

A gurgling or bubbling sound from the drains can result from a blockage in your drainage system, especially the vent pipe. You will occasionally hear a strange sound when the water is draining. Like the first two signs above, the strange sounds will eventually lead to slow drainage and unpleasant odors.

Furthermore, it may have even more severe damage in the internal plumbing issue and on the sewer line. If you experience gurgling drains, treating it right away is better. A good drain cleaning service can help get rid of the strange noise. But if it keeps on happening, call a plumber directly to have a thorough checkup on your drains to check the problem.

Sign 4: Recurring Clogs

There are instances that no matter how many times you clean your drain, the clogs keep on recurring and don’t go away quickly. It may look like you finished the job outside, but there might be an internal problem with why your plumbing system keeps getting clogged even after cleaning it.

Most drains get clogged due to dirt, soap, hair, or soap build-up. You can resolve a standard clogged drain efficiently by cleaning them. However, if it keeps happening, it’s essential to find the root cause or the source of why it keeps repeating. It will be a tiring experience eventually.

For recurring clogs, unless you find the root cause and fix it, the clogging will keep repeating the process will be over and over again. If you plan to hire a drain cleaning service, have them inspect your drain and eliminate the recurring clogs once and for all.

Sign 5: Water Backup or Overflow

When you experience clogging in your home, it’s important not to try and pour more water into the drain and hope it will eventually go down. For example, if your toilet’s water back up, use a plunger and pump it slowly instead of pouring more water into it. If the flush doesn’t work, do not panic and look for the best method to eliminate the clogging.

The reason for water backup is also clogging, or something is blocking your drain. However, a broken pipe can also be why the water doesn’t go down properly to the drainage system. 

For your toilet, another reason can be your septic tank is full. If you think that it is full, call an expert to get it clean if you don’t want to suffer an unpleasant smell that comes with it. 

Lastly, please do not wait for your water to back up and overflow, it’s a significant advantage to hire the experts as early as possible to prevent unpleasant events from happening in your home.

Enjoy a clogged-free drainage today.

Drain problems are messy and difficult to deal with. With the help of early signs of drainage problems, you can move fast and treat your drainage system immediately. All signs of drainage problems start with a slow drain. Once you experience that, don’t think twice about treating them immediately.

Fixing the drainage yourself can lead to an unpleasant result, and you should always leave this matter to the experts. They have the right equipment and the experience to handle this issue.

Are you going to wait for these signs to occur in your home? If not, schedule an appointment now with a drain cleaning service and enjoy a clogged-free drainage today.

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