What is the best way to prepare for the AZ 900 exam?

AZ 900

It can be difficult to get ready for the AZ 900 exam, which assesses your fundamental understanding of Microsoft Azure. However, you may improve your chances of success if you have the appropriate plan and tools. We will discuss the ideal method of AZ-900 exam preparation in this post, providing insightful advice to help you succeed in your certification goals.

Understanding the AZ 900 Exam

It’s crucial to have a thorough understanding of the AZ 900 exam before starting the study process. This foundational certification is intended for people who want to prove their understanding of Azure foundations and cloud services. It addresses issues including price, SLAs, compliance, and Azure services.

Creating a Study Plan

Making a planned study plan is one of the first steps in getting ready for the AZ-900 exam. Your study timetable should be described in this plan, along with the number of hours you can commit to studying each day or week. To successfully monitor your progress, think about creating clear goals for each study session.

Gathering Study Materials

You’ll need the appropriate study guides if you want to succeed on the AZ-900 exam. Official Microsoft study materials and practice tests that match the test objectives are available. You can get an in-depth understanding of the subjects you need to learn from these resources.

Online Courses and Tutorials

In your preparation process, online courses and tutorials can be immensely helpful. AZ-900 courses are offered on websites like Coursera, edX, and Pluralsight by subject matter specialists. Your learning experience will be improved by the frequent inclusion of video lectures, tests, and practical laboratories in these courses.

Hands-on Practice

While theoretical understanding is essential, practical experience with Azure services is critical. To test out various services, including virtual machines, databases, and storage options, think about opening a free Azure account. Your understanding and confidence will be strengthened by experience.

Join Study Groups

Studying with people who have similar objectives to you can be inspiring and enlightening. Search online for AZ-900 study groups or forums where you may pose questions, talk about challenging subjects, and trade study advice. You can better understand the subject matter by participating in group learning.

Taking Practice Exams

Practice tests are essential resources for determining how prepared you are for the AZ-900 exam. They assist you in pinpointing weak areas that need further study because they closely resemble the structure and degree of difficulty of the real test. Before the exam, try to take numerous practice tests.

Time Management

It’s crucial to manage your time well when you’re preparing. To stay focused and productive, divide your study sessions into digestible portions and employ strategies like the Pomodoro method. Avoid cramming the night before the exam; instead, confidently and quietly go over your notes.

Test Day Preparation

Make sure you get enough sleep the night before and eat a healthy dinner. To reduce stress, get to the test site early. Read each question attentively and take your time during the exam.


The correct materials, commitment, and a planned method are needed for AZ-900 exam preparation. You may improve your chances of passing this fundamental Azure certification by making a study plan, using top-notch study materials, getting practical experience, and participating in study groups.


What is the AZ-900 exam’s passing score?

The passing score for the AZ-900 exam is 700 points out of a possible 1000.

How much does the AZ-900 exam cost?

The cost of the AZ-900 exam varies by location and currency. Check the official Microsoft certification website for current pricing.

Can I take the AZ-900 exam online?

Yes, Microsoft offers the option to take the AZ-900 exam online, allowing you to complete it from the comfort of your home or office.

Is hands-on experience with Azure necessary for passing the AZ-900 exam?

While hands-on experience is not mandatory, it can significantly enhance your understanding and confidence in the exam.

How long is the AZ-900 exam valid once I pass it?

The AZ-900 certification does not expire, making it a valuable long-term investment in your career.

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