10 Baby Things to Keep at Grandma’s House

10 Baby Things to Keep at Grandma's House

While taking your child for excursions to the grandparents’ home is among the best things that you can ever do (think cuddles for them, and possibly a nap for you) the task of getting there could seem almost impossible. 

There are some things you can keep at your grandma’s home that can simplify your life.

Things to have at grandmother’s home that ease the journey:

1. Portable Crib Playard

If you’re like me and have ever forgotten to take a sleeping container with you to stay overnight with your child and you’re aware that it is a nightmare. 

After a single incident, I decided that it was worthwhile to find something I could leave at my parent’s home so that my infant will always have a safe sleeping place when we came over to visit. 

Pack ‘N Plays are great since they fold down to be put away when they are not being used.
If budget isn’t a problem spend a little more on Breeze Plus. Breeze Plus from 4moms. It’s extremely simple to install and includes an adjustable bassinet and a changing pad!

2. Diapers

After doing the math to figure out the number of diapers I should take for a week-long trip to Grandma and Papa’s I decided that making estimates was too risky taking a chance, so I purchased a box and put everything in it. 

You can also buy a box and have it delivered directly to their home, which makes ideal and simple items to have at grandma’s home.

3. Wipes

You can try wiping the baby’s butt with a toilet paper wipe and you’ll be able to understand why these guys were created. 

Get a storage container and put an assortment in every room in the house of your grandparents and place a few in their car to be secure. 

I am a huge fan of Coterie wipes as they are 100% made of plant material and 99 percent water, which means you’re not throwing polyester in the trash.

4. A Change Pad

Any parent who’s had to change an infant is aware that diapers can never be taken seriously. Change pads are the gift that keeps giving! Choose this one from Kushies.

5. A Playard

If you’ve been in the thrill of having your baby chased around the living room of grandma to keep any breakables, she had from getting destroyed, you’ll know the reason the Playard is on this list. 

A Playard is also a great option if your grandma’s home hasn’t been baby-proofed, or if you are looking to give your child the security of playing outside. Look at this playard created by Summer Infant. It’s a Pack n’ Play and works perfectly for smaller kids!

6. A Car Seat

If you want to avoid the pain in the ass process of uninstalling/installing/uninstalling and installing a car seat AGAIN, you may want to consider buying a second car seat, or, at the very least, a second car seat base if you’re using an infant seat.

It’s the Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat is incredible because it’s incredibly simple to put in and is suitable for infants as small as 65 pounds (which is an ideal size for a 6-year-old). 

It’s a great option if you’re looking to take it from your car and take it to Grandma’s. It’s somewhat heavy and costly.

If you just need to set it up one time and are looking for something more budget-friendly to keep in the grandma’s car then it’s the Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car Seat is a bargain. 

It weighs 10 pounds, which is lightweight (the Boulevard is closer to 30 lbs), and is priced at less than $50. It’s difficult to set up, but it’s a safety seat.7. A Stroller

If you don’t want to take your stroller everywhere on your own, keeping it at your grandparents’ home is a good idea. 

For a compact, affordable, and lightweight stroller, I went with this model: the stroller for tall toddlers. I was looking for something with a comfortable recline (hello napping!) along with a compact fold as well as a smooth and comfortable ride. this one tick every one of the criteria.

8. Jumperoo or Exersaucer

A jumper or an exersaucer can be an excellent substitute for the Playard previously mentioned, especially when you do not have enough space. 

My daughter had tons of fun in the exersaucer which my parents purchased at a garage sale for less than $25. We were thrilled to have a source of entertainment to keep her occupied when we were cooking meals in our kitchen or watching her brother outside. 

If you’re looking for something smaller and less bulky look at this Oribel PortaPlay 4-in-1 Foldable Travel Activity Center. It folds flat and can be tucked away and transformed into play tables that can be used for a long time after the infant years.

9. Baby Gate

If you’re a parent who is moving baby gates are among the most important things, you can keep at your grandma’s home. 

Pressure-mounted gates can be moved around without leaving holes in walls, but keep in mind that they’re not strong enough to be placed on top of staircases. 

This gate made by Regalo is a great choice since it is mounted by pressure or hardware mounted, based on the location you want to place it. Extensions can also be bought to make room for wider door frames.

10. Baby Bouncer

If your child isn’t yet crawling the baby bouncer could be a lifesaver. There is always a demand for ways to sell bouncers their kids have outgrown.

So, check for garage sales or online marketplaces when you’re trying to save money and aren’t afraid to buy second-hand. Target also has a great range of cheap ones, and Amazon is a good place to hunt a bargain.

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