What Are The Benefits Of Studying In Australia For Indian Students

Benefits Of Studying In Australia For Indian Students

Being the world’s largest island, Australia bags abundant educational opportunities for Indian students. Australia has some of the world’s best universities where Indian students can enroll for studying in their dream courses and get the best educational curriculum to stand out among the crowd and make their future bright!

Australia’s huge cultural diversity, distinctive methods of teaching, friendly and supportive locals, and high standards of living make the continent the most desirable place for Indian students.

Australia is one of the most beautiful places in the world and is highly popular for its scenic destinations, amazing flora and fauna, and delectable cuisine. It is one of the most favored places for Indian students to complete their higher education.

There are numerous benefits of studying in Australia. Read this blog till the end to get convinced if you are planning to study the best course in Australia.

Some amazing facts about Australian universities:

  1. Australia has a marvelous education system, with approximately 22,000 courses being offered by around 1,100 institutions. Just name a course and Australia has it. Among these 1100 institutions, these are the top 6 Universities that are ranked among the world’s Top 100 educational institutions:
  • University of Melbourne (Rank 35)
  • University of Sydney (Rank 20)
  • University of Queensland (Rank 53)
  • Australian National University (Rank 62)
  • University of New South Wales (Rank 73)
  • Monash University (Rank 44)
  1. According to various polls conducted throughout the world, numerous students have said that Australia has some of the world’s most Student-Friendly Cities. Let’s name a few:
  • Melbourne
  • Adelaide
  • Canberra
  • Sydney
  • Perth
  • Gold Coast
  • Brisbane
  1. Native as well as overseas students studying in Australia have expressed how happy they are to be staying in Australia as the country offers the most happening environment as well as exceptional educational standards. Some say, going for higher education in Australia is the best decision of their life.

Are you an Indian student and looking for the best universities to study in Australia for Indian students? You have landed on the right page. Find the best study abroad consultants in India that helps you to reach your dream destination seamlessly.

Now let’s dive into the detailed benefits of studying in Australia for Indian students:

1. World-class education:

Indian students prefer to study in Australia as the continent provides supreme quality education. Australian universities believe in creating a practical and industry-based educational curriculum to make graduates more confident and skilled when they step into the world.

The degrees obtained from Australian universities are globally respected by employers so there is a 98% chance that after completing your education at an Australian university you won’t have to hustle for landing a great job.

2. Cost of study in Australia for Indian students:

The educational fee and day-to-day living in Australia are more affordable than in other countries like the USA and UK. The Australian government is continuously making efforts to encourage more international students to join Australian universities. Indian students can work part-time to pay their various expenses. 

One of the reasons why Indian students prefer Australia is that the government provides various scholarships to international students. Recently the government announced 3,000 higher education scholarships for students coming in from more than 55 countries.

How can a higher education scholarship benefit an Indian student?

  • Scholarships help you cover the cost of tuition fees, which is quite expensive for Indian students otherwise.
  • Students can explore the country and dive into its enriched nature with the scholarships they offer.
  • It can also help you in managing the cost of living, such as food, accommodation, and study materials.
  • Scholarships will give you some great opportunities to get to know other international students and make new friends!

List of some top scholarships awarded by the Australian government:

  • Endeavor awards
  • Australian awards
  • Global excellence scholarships
  • Destination Australia international scholarship and many more…

3. Work while you study:

Indian students get a student visa for studying abroad. This student visa allows you to work forty hours per fortnight and during a break, you can work for 40 hours a week to manage your standard of living.

The Australian Government has made an announcement that Indian students who are staying in Australia for more than twelve months are eligible to access Australian superannuation. This amendment was declared for Indian students and is passed to help students who are facing financial calamity.

There are numerous jobs available in various Australian cities in different sectors such as hospitality, administration, tourism, housekeeping, retail, etc.

You can use this income to travel, pursue any of your hobbies and save some for the future to live a satisfactory life. The estimated cost of living is 60-90 thousand Australian dollar a year.

4. A safe and friendly environment:

It is often hard for students as well as their families while going to study abroad because you will be thousands of miles away from your home without your friends and family so, it is really important to find a place that is safe to be. Worry not! According to some statistics, Australia is one of the safest countries for Indian students to be in. The crime rate and no. of drug scandals are much lower than in the USA and UK. Also, the justice system of Australia is really good so you can get all the help you want anytime, anywhere. 

5. Quick and easy paperwork:

Going to any other country is not as fun as it sounds. There is a lot of tedious paperwork involved. But not if you are going to Australia. The country has one of the most simple entry procedures especially for Indian students as they consider all the applications under a single category i.e., student visa, irrespective of the course you have chosen. This makes the process faster and you don’t have to wait a decade to go and study at your dream university in Australia.

6.  Internship opportunities:

It is really important to gain practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge. The best way to do that is by doing a lot of internships while completing your graduation. One of the most important benefits of studying in Australia is that companies are always looking for international students to hire as an intern for a project going on to get a different opinion and try new approaches. This gives you an amazing chance to prove your skills. Internships also help you in bagging your dream job during the placements.

7. Work permit:

International students who have completed graduation, post-graduation, or Ph.D. from an Australian university, can apply for a work visa and stay in the country after their higher education is completed. As the no. of Indian students are increasing in Australia, the government has increased the age of work permit up to four years.

If you have a work visa, you can also study full-time while working. If you are an Indian student interested in research, this work permit is the best option for you as you can earn and learn at the same time.

8. Best course in Australia:

Australia offers a variety of courses you can choose from. As discussed above the country offers more than 22,000 courses and there isn’t one you will not find here.

Some of the best courses to study in Australia are:

1. Accounting

Universities offering this course:

  • Macquarie university
  • Kaplan business school
  • Victoria university
  • University of Technology, Sydney 

2. Health and medicine

Universities offering this course:

  • Charles sturt university
  • University of South Wales
  • University of Wollongong

3. Dentistry

Universities offering this course:

  • Charles university
  • CQ university
  • University of New Castle

4. Law

Universities offering this course:

  • Bond university
  • University of Wollongong
  • Murdoch university
  • The University of Western Australia 

5. Business management and analytics

Universities offering this course:

  • Monash university
  • University of South Australia
  • Western Sydney university
  • Macquarie university


The most important benefits of studying in Australia for Indian students are the affordable cost of living and premium quality education. It is one of the most welcoming as well as ecstatic places in the world to be. 

Also, the benefits of studying in Australia can differ based on your personal preferences and what specifically you are looking for.

As we know now, Australia has more than 1,100 educational institutions, and you can find a good education consultancy which will help the students to study abroad and is highly acquainted with Australian universities and the courses offered by them. Choose the best study abroad consultants in India that offer various services such as education counseling, the college application process (the most tiring part), scholarship guidance, visa application, student accommodation, and student health insurance.

It’s time you fly to Australia to fulfill all your dreams.

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