Best Foods For Your Immune System

Immune System

The attached story is an excerpt from a special edition of Time magazine’s 100 most restored food sources. 

With l-ascorbic acid gaining notoriety as a health supplement, it should come as no surprise to anyone that this overview includes many food sources with high levels of l-ascorbic acid. In the body, l-ascorbic acid acts as a cancer-preventive agent. This is meant to protect cells from obvious damage. Also, when consumed, it promotes the absorption of iron, which is essential for overall health.  Vilitra 40 mg and Vilitra 60 mg as the main ingredient which is the most potent and effective erectile dysfunction medication which works for all men.

Foods high in l-ascorbic acid cannot prevent flu side effects, but eating these foods regularly can help prevent the disease. There are several ways that food can fight disease and boost your immune response. (My grandmother was right about chicken soup, for example. The combination of moisturizing broth, healing spices, fiber, protein, and cell-enhancing agents makes dinners soothing.) Here are 11 of the best for our delicate bodies: is a food source for 

Jalapeno peppers 

What makes them so great for you? 

The jalapeno peel is derived from a compound called capsaicin, one of the most popular in the nutritional world. Capsaicin has a calming effect and reduces the side effects of joint inflammation. Some studies suggest that it may facilitate digestion. The most effective way to eat 

 Add diced jalapenos to the guacamole for extra flavor. You can also mix these peppers into your number-one cornbread recipe. 


 What makes them so great for you? 

 Lemons are rich in compounds called bioflavonoids that kill free radical-causing malignancies. It also contains l-ascorbic acid (part of your daily requirement can be obtained from natural sources). So adding lemon juice to your diet is an easy way to protect yourself from colds and other illnesses. 

The most effective way to eat 

His basic way to get his daily dose of l-ascorbic acid is to drink lemon water, either cold or hot. A squeeze of lemon makes steamed vegetables even more delicious. 

Why are they great for you? 

A recent report found that people who ate an apple a day took fewer prescription drugs. What’s more, a British study found that regular apple eaters had fewer asthma side effects (a flavonoid called kerin may open up a flight route). Apples are also rich in fiber, which can help ease the irritation that is common with illness. Reward: a superfood when it comes to satiety. The most effective way to eat 

To turn apples into a truly stimulating treat, slice them up and enjoy them with a spoonful of nut or almond margarine. Either buy natural products or wash them thoroughly before eating. A new report found that using a little water and baking soda removes pesticide buildup in natural products.

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