Why Students Fail in the CA Final Exams and its Solutions

Why students Fail in CA Final Exams

The CA Final Exams is the last phase a CA aspirant must clear to become a certified CA in India and start working as a CA. As you pass CA Foundation and advance, the course curriculum becomes increasingly difficult and demanding. Therefore, it is correct to claim that there is no shortcut to passing the CA Final course; only hard effort and dedication will finally pay off.

In this article, VSI Jaipur reveals some primary reasons students fail the CA tests. Once you know the most challenging areas of CA exam preparation, you may conquer them and get the highest possible score. However, we will also explain the solutions to such issues so that you may effortlessly overcome them and secure the best CA Final exam result.

6 Major Reasons For Failure in the CA Final Exams

1. Not Following the ICAI Study Material

Students often prefer to study the works of other writers and discard ICAI’s study materials. The primary issue is that they need to recognize the significance of ICAI’s content. For the students’ preparation, ICAI offers study materials, RTPs, MTPs, mock exams, sample papers, previous year’s papers, etc. Also, lecturers and top students consistently recommend using only ICAI resources.

However, students need to pay more attention to ICAI materials and cite many sources for a subject. In addition, they need more time and resources to review and practice. ICAI has established a standard and expects students to write the answer similarly.

Therefore, it is essential to study Institute materials, as they will help you develop your writing and presenting abilities for the assignment.

2. Starting the Preparation Late for the CA Final exams 

CA students must start their CA Final exam preparations as soon as possible and should not procrastinate. Since the CA Final syllabus is vast and there are eight subjects to prepare, they must start preparing from day one. Even a single delay in preparation has a serious impact on their results. students must have a well-planned strategy, including on-time syllabus completion, adequate revision, and solving numerous mock exams.  On contrary, due to the articleship of 3 years, many students think they have lots of time and procrastinate.

3. Not Solving Enough Mock Test Papers

A student also makes a major error when failing to complete the mock examination and the RTPs. The mock tests teach students how to write answers and manage their time while solving the question paper effectively. It also allows students to comprehend the CA Final Exams question paper pattern.

Moreover, students who don’t solve adequate mock test papers negatively impact their performance. In addition, they will be unable to manage their time while solving the CA Final paper and systematically writing the answer. 

4. Not Revising the CA Final Syllabus

Lack of revision is the primary cause of failure to get the required CA Final result. So lack of revision impairs memory retention. In addition, reading merely has little value if you do not attempt to review what you’ve already learned or studied. Moreover, this is the most prevalent cause cited by students for failing CA Final exams.

What Are The Solutions To Avoid Such Mistakes During CA Final Exams?

Since now we know the most common mistakes a student makes during their exam preparation, let’s check what you can include in your CA Final study plan and the steps you can take to avoid these mistakes. 

  • Refer to all ICAI-supplied resources for the CA Final Exams. Additionally, even if you choose to use other reference books, you should have reviewed the ICAI contents thoroughly.
  • Candidates for the CA Final should begin their preparation during their Articleship. So students will have sufficient time to review and practice questions.
  • Practice is the core principle and the key to achieving achievement. Hence, this is why learners must continue practising additional questions. Solving practice exam questions is also crucial; therefore, do it often.
  • Today’s society is losing the practice of writing at an alarming rate. On mobile devices and computers, our fingers move faster. However, as soon as you take a pen and start writing on paper, your pace falls considerably. For CA examinations, develop the habit of writing immediately. It may include taking notes, taking more mock tests, and taking notes during lectures. Additionally, strengthen your presentation abilities along with your writing.
  • Students must not wait until the final month to begin revising their work. Instead, students must develop a CA Final study strategy and firmly adhere to it to complete the curriculum and do modifications. Moreover, you should do revisions continually and as soon as a topic gets complete.


If you are preparing for the CA Final exams, keep these mistakes in mind and avoid them by adopting these solutions. If you want to ace your CA Final preparation, then VSI Jaipur can help you. 

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