Driver Behavior Monitoring Software help fleet business

Can Driver Behavior Monitoring Software help fleet business

Drivers play a very important role in the operations of a fleet business. So how can a Best fleet management software ignore all the issues related to a vehicle’s on-road operations? Driver behaviour monitoring software can help businesses ensure that the transportation of their consignment happens safely.

Before we look at ways in which driver behaviour solutions help fleet companies, it is important to understand the operations of these solutions. Let us do that in the next section. 

Understanding the Driver Behaviour Monitoring Solutions

The primary function of the driver behaviour solution is to eliminate any instances of harsh driving on the roads. This is possible when managers have the means to keep an eye on their driver’s activities in real time. Here are two features of these solutions that make optimisation easier. Both work together to ensure that a vehicle is in safe hands when out on the roads.

Let us look at ways this is possible:


Whenever the system observes the drivers indulging in harmful driving practices. Some of these include: 

  • Harsh cornering
  • Over speeding
  • Idling
  • Abrupt braking
  • Sudden acceleration

All these activities are harmful not just to the safety of the fleet vehicles, but also negatively impact their health. Thus, it can lead to a very high vehicle replacement rate for the business. The line between a profitable and non-profitable business is very less and this is why it is important for managers to cut down any cost incurred solely due to a fleet’s driving practices. 

Whenever a driver triggers one of the above events, managers receive an alert. Thus, they can take necessary actions to rectify that situation. 


The system has the ability to save data and allow managers to access this information for the optimisation process. With the data stored in the system for six months, managers have the option to analyse insights for optimisation. The data stored in the systems of two types:

  • Records: These reports highlight the shortcomings of fleet business operations. They help managers make decisions essential to make their fleet safer and more productive. It helps them ensure that they follow road regulations through long term planning. 
  • Documentation: Drivers responsible for the transportation of high value consignments need special licences for the job. Managers who need to ensure that these drivers have the correct documentation might make errors with manual management. This is why the system digitised the process, making sure all the drivers are qualified for the job. 

Why do Fleet Businesses Need Driver Behaviour Monitoring System

So why do you think fleet businesses need fleet management systems, especially driver behaviour monitoring solutions? Now that we are familiar with the role that these solutions play, it is easy to see what issues they mitigate. These include: 

  • High Accident Rate: A fleet business that has hundreds of vehicles running on the roads is bound to get involved in several accidents. But these accidents can not only harm the vehicle and driver’s life but can also be very bad. This extra cost very often is the reason that businesses go under. 
  • High Cost of Maintenance: Vehicle switches with constant wear and tear have to be very careful that their vehicles are in pristine condition. But this can overall cost the fleet business a lot more than necessary. If businesses often get into some form of accident, then their repairs will also be a lot. Thus, it might affect the overall quality of the fleet business.
  • Productivity Loss Due to Downtime: When vehicles are not maintained properly, there is a chance that they break down. Time spent repairing these vehicles is a period of lost productivity. This is because managers are not able to allot these vehicles any tasks. They are also forced to invest in a replacement for these vehicles.
  • Extra Fuel Consumption: A fleet business has to worry about several costs when they perform several tasks. Fuel wastage is a big contributor to its expenditure. Vehicles in bad condition will spend more fuel than necessary. Idling also leads to unnecessary fuel consumption that can be easily avoided with proper supervision. 

Benefits of Using a Driver Behaviour Monitoring System 

So how can a driver behaviour monitoring system help a fleet business? While security is a primary benefit of using this system, several other benefits are also on the table. Some of these include:

  • Profitability: The system helps businesses cut down their costs by reducing accidents and vehicle depreciation. Thus managers can ensure better profits for their business. 
  • Knowledgeable Decision Making: The reports presented by the system give managers necessary insights into their fleet operations. This means they have all the data needed to study the pain points of their fleets. Decision-making becomes easy with this process. 
  • Driver Training: Drivers of road rules because they are unaware of them. Reports highlight which drivers often partake in bad driving. Managers can ensure they get the correct training to rectify this habit. 
  • Better Vehicle Health: Vehicles that avoid accidents and are driven optimally can sustain good health for longer. Issues like engine failure and tire replacement do not plague managers as often. 
  • Higher Visibility: the system allows managers and drivers to have better transparency. Managers are aware of the driver’s activities and drivers have the chance to get better incentives via hard work. 


When looking for a suitable GPS tracking platform, fleet businesses must include driver behaviour monitoring solutions in their operations. It not only allows managers to ensure that their vehicles are safe on the roads but also makes it easier for them to track their real-time activities. 

So why grab on to this chance at making your fleet safer and more profitable?

Trackobit is a leading fleet management system in the market. This vehicle tracking platform allows managers to use its dynamic solutions for fleet optimisation. These solutions include route planning, fuel management, video telematics, asset tracking, and driver behaviour management. Request a demo and watch all these solutions at play, transforming your fleet.

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