Frozen Food Boxes For Protective Packaging 

Frozen Food Boxes For Protective Packaging 

Packaging of frozen foods is a critical process. Because in frozen food packaging safety and quality of food, both aspects need to be considered. Different foods have different packaging requirements, therefore frozen food custom boxes are customized. 

In frozen food boxes, only those materials can be used that can withstand low temperatures. In addition to this, the material should be sturdy in order to resist external pressure. Hence, the frozen food industry pays special attention to packaging. 

 Custom frozen food boxes should be made of durable material. This is important because the packaging material is required to be leakproof, grease resistant, and easy to seal. Boxes can be made differently with the use of unique printing and wrapping techniques. 

How to Select Protective Frozen Food Boxes? 

The selection of packaging for any kind of product is an arduous task. This task becomes more difficult when food packaging is under consideration. The reason is that in food packaging the health aspects of people are also linked with the packaging quality. 

Considering this, it is important that the frozen food packaging Boxes is made of non-toxic and inert material, which can not leach hazardous materials into the food. For this glass, aluminum, cardboard, corrugated, and plastic material is used for the manufacturing of food boxes. 

Different Types of Frozen Food Boxes

Frozen food manufacturing is a market with tremendous growth potential. This growth can become easy when you use uncommon ways to increase your product visibility. 

 The following are commonly used packaging materials and styles in the frozen food market: 

Shrink Packaging 

It is one of the most common types of packaging style used for frozen foods. In this type, the food material is heat-sealed in the packaging. Here heated gun is used to wrap the packaging tightly around the frozen food items. 

Polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, and polyolefin are used in the wrapping of food. However, the polyolefin is the best option for wholesale frozen food boxes as it is FDA-approved. 


Another widely used packaging material for frozen foods is aluminuim. It is used as a foil tray, pan, etc. Aluminum is an inert material and gives complete protection to frozen food. In it, cardboard and wax-coated tops are used to cover the box. 

Glass Packaging

Glass is also used in food packages due to its inertness. However, it is not commonly used because of its weight. This is the reason glass is only used in luxury packaging, where the production cost can be kept too high. 

Paperboard Packaging

Paperboard is among the most common material used in the manufacturing of custom frozen food boxes. This material has three variants, namely kraft, corrugated, and cardoabrd. 

Kraft is a brownish material and is hundred percent recyclable. Corrugated and cardboard are used to make sturdy packaging. Corrugated material has flutes in it, that give it a reasonable amount of thickness. 

All three variants are heat resistant, therefore food can be heated without removing the packaging. These materials are also wax-coated so that proper insulation and leakage prevention can be ensured. 

What are the Key Considerations in Box manufacturing? 

While identifying good quality and durable food packaging certain aspects are unavoidable. If these points are overlooked, the chances of premium quality wholesale frozen food boxes will be low. 

The material selected for frozen food boxes should be moisture-resistant so that the texture of the food remains intact. In addition to this, leak-resistant material is essential to increase the shelf life of food items. 

Air-tight packaging material is important to keep the oxygen content in the box low. This precaution is necessary to inhibit microbial growth. 

Why Safe Handling is Important? 

Safe handling of frozen foods is essential otherwise the food material may get contaminated with pathogenic microbes. Negligence of this aspect may pose negative health impacts on the consumers and may be detrimental to your brand’s name. 


Frozen food boxes are essential for the safe handling and transit of food products. For hygienic and good-quality frozen foods it is important to consider all aspects of food safety. 

Food commodities are perishable and can easily spoil if exposed to unfavorable circumstances, like high temperature, light, or moisture. But with adequately designed packaging, such risks can be avoided. 

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