How to Choose a Household Electric Mixer?

Some people may have had such an experience. The meat bought from the store was stirred directly there to save trouble. Have you thought about it? Although it is more convenient to use the Electric Mixer at the meat stall.

It is impossible to do regular cleaning, and the germs hidden in the machine will be stirred into the meat, which is not hygienic for us to eat.

Therefore, for the sake of food hygiene, why not use a blender to stir it yourself? It is not only healthy but also can stir other foods.  Best Products can understand Which products are more suitable for you.



When choosing a blender, the first step is to look at its outer packaging to see if there is any necessary product identification. Generally, those produced by regular manufacturers should include the name of the company.

The address of the manufacturer, the specifications and specifications (for example: how much capacity is installed), product model, trademark, voltage rating, power used, power supply properties, etc. In addition to these, there should also be an operating manual.

Which should have a detailed introduction to the specific steps of use, so that we can avoid wrong operations when using the cooking machine.

Food Grade plastic Material

Of course, when we choose a cooking machine, on the one hand, we will pay attention to the materials it uses, because it is in direct contact with food, whether it will emit harmful substances during use, and on the other hand.

Whether it will affect the taste of processed food. Therefore, the requirements for it should be stricter. If it is made of plastic, it is best to buy food-grade plastic Argos Discount Code NHS.


Another factor that affects the purchase of a blender is the blade. It can be removed after mixing the food so that it can be easily cleaned and kept clean and hygienic.

Rotation Speed

Maybe the food we stir will be different, and the power used is also different. In this regard, it is best to choose a mixer with multiple different speeds. So that it can mix different foods for cooking and meet different needs.

Easy to Clean

After use, it is best to clean it thoroughly. So, is it convenient to clean up at this time? When choosing a cooking machine, you should think about the problems you will encounter during use.

However, it should be noted that it is forbidden to wash the related devices of the motor with water, so as to prevent the electrical short circuit and the risk of leakage.


If the lid is not closed well when stirring the fruit, it will get juice everywhere. Therefore, it is recommended that the mixer you choose should have a safety lock. During use, the lid will be locked firmly, not only to prevent splashing but also to ensure our safety.   


Everyone should know that in the process of using the mixer, its motor will heat up. Therefore, can the cooking machine dissipate the heat in time? Is there a cooling system? This point is more critical.

Try to choose a mixer with better heat dissipation, and its base should also be able to prevent slipping and hide seams, so that it will be much more stable when working.


After using the blender, first press the stop button, and wait until the rotation of the blade is completely stopped before taking out the food inside, so as to ensure our safety.

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Stand Mixer Equipment is Usually Mandatory

  1. Due to its good mixing performance, high production efficiency, good adaptability, outstanding structural features, good reliability, and its structural features and adaptability, the vertical mixer has been more and more widely used in concrete mixing equipment.
  2. There are three main control methods for stand mixers.
  3. Centralized double microcomputer control of vertical mixer: This form solves the human factor interference in metering. A dedicated batching control instrument is adopted, and the production control and management functions are divided into two computers without mutual interference, and a network interface with the upper-level computer is provided.
  4. Mixer distributed microcomputer control: This control form is widely used in the early mixing plant design. The core of the control system is the programmable controller, and the upper-level computer is only used for printing management reports, and the functions and functions of the computer are not very obvious.
  5. Centralized microcomputer control of the mixer: The control form of the vertical mixer concentrates the computer control and management functions on one computer.
  6. The task is relatively heavy, the statistics of the report data cannot be synchronized during the production process. The statistics cannot be counted at any time, and the measurement is too much interfered with by human factors.

Stand Mixer Divided into Three Sections

The main structure of the stand mixer

  1. Parts of the frame: All the working bodies of the machine are fixed on the frame. The frame of the machine is welded by high-quality carbon steel plate and channel steel has passed strict product certification and specific technical requirements, and has reached the purpose of this machine AO Discount Code NHS.
  2. Transmission connection part: This machine adopts a cycloidal pinwheel reducer to drive the main shaft to rotate. The working part of the host machine uses nylon pins to drive the phase teeth and transmission of the transmission connector. Which is convenient for assembly and repair;
  3. Part of the mixing operation: It is transmitted from the transmission wheel to the main shaft through the pin coupling. Turn the material evenly in the mixing chamber. So that the material can be fully mixed, and then greatly reduce the residual amount of the material.

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