How To Draw A Cartoon Nose Easily

Draw A Cartoon Nose

How To Draw A Cartoon Nose. We may not think much about it, but small aspects and details go into creating a human face.

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We see them all the time, but the intricate structure of each face can make them difficult to draw! Even if you focus on individual aspects, it’s now easier to draw them.

Even a seemingly simple facial feature like a nose can be a real challenge, but we’re here to find out just how easy it is to learn how to draw a cartoon nose! We’ll also find out how much fun it can be when you know what to do!

So get ready to learn how to draw this important facial feature because we’ll start with this step-by-step guide on drawing a cartoon nose in just 6 fun and easy steps!

How To Draw A Cartoon Nose

Step 1

When drawing complex facial features like this, breaking them down into individual lines and shapes can make the job much easier.

That’s exactly what we will do for you in this guide on drawing a cartoon nose!

While technically simple, These lines may seem simple, but you should still try to take them slowly and mimic them closely.

First, we draw a curved line that forms the bridge and tip of the nose.

This line has a specific shape, so we recommend closely following the reference image! Once we have drawn, we can move on to step 2.

Step 2

Continuing with this cartoon nose drawing, we extend the curved line you started in the previous step.

This forms the base of the nose and extends to the beginning of the right nostril.

This new line also has a certain angle and shape, and the curve at the beginning of the nostril must be correct.

There’s no rush, so take your time to ensure it looks good! Then, it’s time for step 3 of this guide.

Step 3

We started with the right nostril in the previous step, but before we finish that, let’s now add the outline of the left one.

Because of the angle at which this nostril is located, it looks slightly different than the one on the right.

Add a rounded shape from the left nose edge, and you have your outline! It’s that simple, and then we can proceed.

Step 4

This step of drawing the cartoon nose is based on adding the outline of the other nostril.

As mentioned in the previous step, this one will have a different shape than the first due to the angle.

It will be larger than the first and also rounder.

As shown in the reference image, it surrounds the curvy line extending into the nostril we drew in step 2. So, placement is pretty important here.

Once we’ve drawn it, we’ll add the final details and elements in the tutorial!

Step 5

A nose wouldn’t do much good without nostrils, so let’s add some now! This is also an easy step to complete the final details of this how-to guide on drawing a cartoon nose.

Just add curved lines under the curved nostril lines you drew earlier to draw the nostrils.

Once drawn, done! It can also be fun to get creative and add some details.

This can include small facial details like freckles around the nose, but you can add other facial features like eyes or a mouth!

Step 6

You’ve reached the final phase of this guide, and now we can wrap up with some color! There are many different skin tones and colors that you can choose when coloring, and it is entirely up to you.

As you can see in our reference image, we didn’t just use one color for the nose. Instead, we used different shades to give the nose the impression of shading and shape.

We used the lightest shades near the center of the nose and then gradually darkened them as they got further away.

This technique you can use regardless of the color scheme you choose! You can also try different remedies.

We think watercolors would be perfect, but many others would be just as great!

Your Cartoon Nose Drawing is Finished!

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