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Hair Packaging Wholesale

Human self-esteem is heavily influenced by hair. The length of hair ranges from short to medium to long. Women with short or damaged hair want their hair to appear suitable so that they can feel good. That is why hair extensions are so trendy nowadays. And unique hair extension packaging suppliers should be able to promote their products so that most consumers draw to them.Hair boxes are widely used all over the world. As a result, the bespoke hair boxes must be attractive and long-lasting.

Hair packaging must be strong enough to withstand shipping and shelf life wear and tear. ICustomBoxes provide custom-printed packaging for hair goods. Elegantly constructed hair packaging boxes will catch clients’ attention and make the goods stand out. Hair packaging should be made of high-quality recycled kraft paper, while elegantly designed cardboard boxes are appealing and long-lasting to be ecologically responsible.

Premium Manufacturing Process Of Hair Packaging

1.   Custom Hair Extension Boxes of the Highest Quality

Artificial hair is a flexible cosmetic technique that may improve your overall look. However, for the best results, your hair products must be in perfect condition throughout the production process. Boxes designed exclusively for storing hair are made with the best materials and will keep your items safe in transportation. Women frequently carry their hair extensions in their purses to the salon or a party.

As a result, the packaging must be long-lasting. Our packing professionals utilize high-quality cardboard for further security. Kraft is another useful alternative, and we also use Cardboard, Paperboard, Corrugated and Rigid.

Customers will not receive damaged or worn-out extensions since the products remain safe during shipping.

2.   Packaging That Is Eco-Friendly and Long-Lasting

Hair extensions are usually delicate, so artificial packing materials for Hair Extension packing are never suggested. Artificial packaging uses a lot of chemicals, which might shorten the product’s life and the packing boxes. Furthermore, natural packaging materials offer robust, long-lasting, and recyclable advantages for hair packaging boxes. Green packaging materials never hurt hair extensions; it is not incorrect to argue that they extend the product’s life.

Besides being ecologically sustainable, custom hair boxes can include color printing characteristics to satisfy client preferences and are visually pleasing to customers’ eyes.The color and design of the hair packaging boxes will be appropriate for the contents in the box in terms of durability and skin safety. So investing in our personalized hair extension boxes is a good investment.

3.   Enhance the Look of Your Packaging Designs with Cutting-Edge Printing

Getting a better result from package printing depends on your creativity. It is why it is critical to select the appropriate printing style. The two cornerstones of the firm are offset and digital printing.

  • For small-run applications, digital printing provides a quick and high-quality packaging option.
  • Offset printing offers the greatest quality prints since each printing job has its plate. It is usually used for large-scale projects or exact color matching.

Because of these modern printing technologies, your wholesale hair bundle boxes design will be significantly more attractive. You may also choose from various appealing color schemes and topic matter. You may incorporate brand specifics such as name, logo, technical specifications, and product information on the packaging to further assure your client’s delight.

4.   Finishing Options for Hair Packaging Boxes

Hair packaging has the potential to represent the excellent quality of the items contained within it. Increase the attractiveness of your products by taking advantage of our wholesale savings on elegant packaging. However, we provide various finishing options to ensure your consumers are delighted with their purchases, such as embossing, debossing, spot UV, aqueous, gold/silver foiling, gloss, matte lamination, and much more. Moreover, these ornamental embellishments add elegance to your hair packaging boxes and protect the contents from the weather.

Numerous Hair Packaging Box Options

Hair packaging boxes exist in as many varieties as there are hair kinds. If you wish to give your product a unique look, we offer a variety of packages available. Cosmetics companies aren’t the only ones attempting to make their goods more user-friendly by inventing creative packaging. Packaging possibilities include candle sleeve boxes, die-cut soap boxes, flip-top, tuck-end, and magnetic closure boxes, to name a few.

These ponytail variations are all lovely ways to change the look of your hair. You may obtain a wide variety of hair-packaging boxes. To grab the attention of potential customers, they accomplish double duty by displaying your things aesthetically and making them easy to unbox.

There Are No Die Or Plate Charges

You will benefit from our free die-cutting services with revolutionary hair packaging design on hair boxes. Furthermore, the delivery will be to your home on time. However, we provide the best and most affordable cosmetic hair extension boxes without sacrificing printing quality. If you’re seeking beautifully designed hair packaging, don’t hesitate to place an order on our website right now.

Wholesale Custom Hair Boxes

Regarding the hair industry, packaging is essential in making the product stand out. Hair boxes are a great method to advertise your product while keeping it secure and safe during shipping. Perhaps having custom hair boxes would help you stand out from the competitors. However, hair boxes allow you to insert your company’s logo, name, tagline, or other relevant information that distinguishes you from the competition.The boxes may be customized in any form, size, or color, allowing you to best showcase your goods.

Availing of Our Phenomenal Services

If you need branded packaging for your hair extensions.However, we provide economical packaging with complimentary design services, original artwork and other design services. Several options are available to us to guarantee that our clients are satisfied.

Furthermore, our pros will create blueprints for your approval, ensuring the final hair boxes match your requirements. If you wish to use our services, contact us immediately. Please visit our website or email a representative about our packing alternatives to place an order. Our team is ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer your inquiries and handle your problems.

Choose us for printing and manufacture of custom hair boxes because:


There are no minimum order quantities.

Rapid Turnaround

Rapid manufacturing and delivery.

Eco-Friendly Cardboard Boxes

Are made from new and recycled materials and printed using environmentally friendly inks.

Boxes In Various Patterns And Styles

Bespoke printing is available, as are many sizes, forms, colors, and types of packages.

Competitive Pricing:

For big or small quantities for sale at wholesale rates.

Free Artwork Design Aid

Free artwork design assistance on any project you choose and quick delivery for bespoke print jobs!

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