Five Innovative Tips To Make Your Fashion Brand Popular With Our Custom Hat Boxes


Worldwide, people wear hats for various reasons. It looks stylish and protects from extreme weather. And fashion labels manufacture hats in different sizes, styles, and colors. Therefore you can easily find your favorite hat style in the stores. And for marketing purposes, custom hat boxes are a must. You can distinguish your brand with a prominent logo. You can pick any packaging style and print the important brand details. It creates brand awareness and makes your company popular. Further, you can enhance your hat packaging with various laminates, finishings, and decorations. So read this blog till the end for more interesting design tips and tricks.

Impressive custom hat packaging styles

Since hats vary in style and size, custom packaging is necessary. It prevents it from crumbling or wrinkling. Thus it keeps its shape intact. But to impress the customers, versatile packaging is important. So you can pack the hats in the following styles. Get discount and deals on all services.

  • Two piece box
  • Tuck front
  • Boxes with die-cuts
  • Hexagon box

Moreover, you can customize the boxes according to the size of your hats. Hence your packaging is a perfect fit and provides the utmost protection.

Use of durable stock

From food to cosmetics to apparel, every industry wants strong packaging. It keeps the product safe during shipment and prevents damage. And for that, you can use corrugated material. It is a thick paperboard lined with an arch-shaped flute. Thus it makes the wholesale hat boxes strong and durable. Plus, it protects the hats from dirt, dust, and moisture.

On the other hand, you can choose cardboard or kraft for retail packaging. You can customize it in a tuck front, two-piece, or hexagon box. Lastly, for gift or subscription packaging, we prefer rigid stock. It is relatively strong and more versatile than cardboard and kraft. But the best part is that all of the packaging substrates are eco-friendly. Hence you can pick any stock and customize it to your needs.

Tuck front custom hat packaging with inside printing

Do you know that hats are one of the most stylish accessories? It complements your outfit and makes you look stylish. Hence people love to style their outfits with their favorite hats. But most of the customers are looking for a style guide. And fashion brands can help them out. Are you wondering how? Well, inside printing is the answer! If it is a tuck-front packaging style, you can instantly grab the customer’s attention with inside printing. You can print the hat images, their origin, and styling tips. It impresses the customers and overall improves the sales graph. Moreover, you can even tell the customers about your brand’s mission and values. And you can excite them with your upcoming hat collection. Thus it creates a strong customer-brand relationship.

Wholesale hat boxes with finishing techniques

There are several ways to upscale your custom printed hat packaging. You can use different colors, illustrations, box styles, or add-ons. It sets your brand apart and adds value to it. But for now, let us focus on the design techniques. For example, you can opt for foil stamping, embossing, or debossing. The key feature is that it highlights the specific area and makes it stand out from the rest. It adds shimmer and character to the bespoke packaging. Hot foil stamping is a versatile printing method. It offers many color options ( copper, silver, golden, green, rose gold, red and blue). Since it is a dry printing method, it gives accurate printing results.  On the other hand, the embossing gives an elevated look to the logo design. And debossing gives a more recessed look.

Right-size custom hat boxes

Customers often complain about the quality of the hats. They are not happy with its texture, color quality, and shape. As a result, it harms the brand’s reputation in the long run. But you can make the customers happy with the right size custom hat boxes. Instead of using over or undersized packaging, you should design the accurate size box. It minimizes packaging waste and reduces energy and labor cost. Above all, it lowers the cargo cost, and you can dispatch bulk quantities at the best price. Lastly, it elevates the unboxing experience and saves the customers time.

Why choose iCustomBoxes?

Our in-house printing team never compromises on the packaging quality. Therefore we use premium stock to design custom printed hat packaging. Moreover, our printing press has the world’s most advanced cutting and printing machinery. Thus we manufacture the hat boxes in the exact shape, size, and design.

Besides, we aim to provide our customers quick customization and peace of mind. So our customer care service is here to handle all your queries. You are free to discuss your budget and design sample with us. Do you want to talk to our packaging team? Drop your email to or dial +1-800-347-2197. And our skilled team will provide you with the best solution!

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