The Incredible Impact of Custom 1-2-3 Bottom

Custom 1-2-3 Bottom

Custom Bottoms are an excellent and simple sort of tray for storing items of secondary value. The Custom 1-2-3 Bottom is a novel box with three sections, with items placed in the central compartment sandwiched between two other compartments. The purpose of this box is to free up space in the lower portion of your cabinet while also elevating the items you put there. This can be accomplished by putting your heavily used

The boxes are among the simplest to assemble and package your products in, and we strive to make them as durable and protected as possible by using stunning printed graphics, die-cut correct forms and sizes, and high finishes in their surface materials. 

Auto display lid boxes that protect your items while also protecting the environment.  Bespoke eco-friendly packaging solutions include biodegradable, compostable, reusable, and recyclable components that reduce the carbon impact of your product as much as possible.

If you’re looking for heavyweight product packaging that’s secure and sturdy, 1-2-3 bottom boxes are unquestionably the way to go. It’s also known as a snap-lock bottom box. It is less expensive and more secure than tuck-top-bottom boxes, but it takes longer to assemble than auto-bottom boxes. The flaps on the rock bottom offer complete closure, and you will also add tabs to the rock bottom for further robustness.

Unique and Handmade Assembling

Bottom boxes are similar to puzzles, in which different components form a full picture. Box assembly takes some time, but it is simple. Fold the most important bottom panel first, then the two end panels, and finally fold and press into the remaining bottom panel. They are also referred to as special folding cartons or boxes. They are stronger than tuck-top snap boxes and tuck-top bottom boxes due to their unique locking mechanism.

Highly Economical

The material used for the bottom boxes is inexpensive.  These boxes also provide an affordable packaging solution for large order volumes. If you need an efficient, long-lasting packaging box for your goods. These are frequently one-of-a-kind solutions for your convenience and are less costly.

  • These boxes are easily economical when compared to alternative packaging solutions.
  • They are significantly less expensive to manufacture than alternative bottom closure boxes, such as tuck-end and auto-lock bottom boxes.

Simple Customization

When it comes to bottom boxes, there are several personalization and design possibilities. These could be useful marketing strategies for boosting brand recognition and promotion. The logo, name, and other promotional ideas will be printed on the top and sides of the boxes.

These boxes are frequently a practical means of selling if done correctly with the latest technology by combining minor cuts and employing the most straightforward color combination. 

Custom Household 1-2-3 

The original design of Custom Household Boxes provides a one-of-a-kind answer to your packaging needs. These containers have a creative layout and a semi-automatic lock box for further security. These boxes are also useful for inserts when you need to securely hold small bottles or other goods. The semi-automatic lock design of these boxes allows for simple assembly.

Bottom Display Lid Boxes 

Bottom display boxes in a variety of bespoke styles. The standard shape of 1-2-3 bottom display lid boxes is rectangular, and they are used to exhibit various products. However, we can change the shape as we see fit. It can help you strengthen your branding with customized boxes.

 Bottom Packaging Boxes

A company that specializes in consumer packing boxes but also sells wholesale printed packaging boxes. I provide excellent packaging for the things you sell. 

1-2-3 Bottom Packaging Boxes has seen a great demand for customized packaging boxes that are suited to the demands of each individual client.  bottom boxes, the ease of assembly allows product packaging to be a breeze.  


Custom 1-2-3 bottom boxes include three interlocking panels at the bottom that close in three steps, allowing you to pack things quickly and safely. Bottom boxes contain extra flaps to prevent objects from sliding and to provide extra protection from product falls. 1-2-3 lower boxes similarly have interlocking tabs at the bottom.

Perfect for beefing up your product’s security measures. The bottom boxes will seal securely to hold the weight once constructed.  In a nutshell, provide shielding and protective casing for your products. From cosmetics and medications to retail sales, multipurpose bottom boxes are the ideal way to keep your products secure and safeguarded from damage. 

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