Tips to get high scores in the IELTS Reading Module

Every year more than thousands of students appear in the IELTS exam. So they can make themselves eligible to study abroad. As we are all aware every English country sets IELTS band requirements for students who want to go overseas for higher studies. Therefore, every student does hard work to get a high band score on the IELTS exam. IELTS evaluates the student’s English language ability through 4 modules. That is Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. In the IELTS exam, the examiner checks the student’s English proficiency. However, passing the IELTS exam with a flying band score is not a cakewalk. Students have to prepare with full dedication for the IELTS exam. For that, they follow various strategies, take the help of the internet, join coaching classes, and many more. 

However, if we talk about the difficulty level reading module is considered the toughest module among the other modules. Students assert that it is hard to achieve high band scores in the reading module. Because they have to read the 3 different passages and solve 40 distinct types of questions in just 1hour. Thus, to ace the IELTS reading section students have to follow the effective strategy. Most of the students join the best IELTS Institute in Patiala. This institute provides expert guidance and a perfect study environment that accesses their preparations. In this article, we will articulate the strategy that assists you in getting a high band score in the reading module. 

Have a look at some amazing tips and tricks that aid you in acing the reading module

Read the questions first

During the reading section, you should read the question before reading the passage. It will give you an idea about what you are looking for or searching for in the article. If you read the passage first and then go on to the questions. It makes you perplexed. Apart from this, it wastes a lot of time. To ace the reading section, you have to utilize the time effectively. So, this is the best strategy to read the questions first. In addition, you also have to pay attention to the instructions. 

Skim through the passage

Skimming and scanning is the most suitable strategy to solve all the questions on time. Skimming is applied to get a general overview of the passage. In this, you have to move quickly through text. Whereas the scanning method is applied to find the fact-specific facts or keywords. Therefore, skimming gives you a general idea of the information the passage contains. However, scanning assists you in finding specific facts or keywords such as names, dates, and so on. If you apply this method during reading you will surely solve all your questions on time. 

Pay attention to the introduction and conclusion

To get an idea about the passage you have to read the introduction and conclusion carefully. If your question is about the origin then your answer must be in the first or second paragraph. Because the writer talks about the origin in the first two paragraphs. However,  if your question is about the result, overall outcome, and future, then you should have to pay attention to the last paragraph. Because the last paragraph of the passage usually contains this kind of information. 

Identify key words

Identifying keywords is also the best way to find answers easily and quickly. In this strategy, you have to read the questions carefully and identify the keywords. After that, you should look for the same keywords in the passage. By doing this you can get your answer within minutes. 

Answer every question

Each answer contains one mark and even a single mark can increase or decrease your half-band score. Thus, you should answer all the questions. If you are not able to find the answer and time is running own. Doing guesswork is better than leaving the blank space. Because a wrong answer will not deduct your band score. However, you have no idea may your guess is correct and you will get one score.

Check your answers

In the end, you have to check your all the answers. Most of the time students get puzzles while transferring answers on the answer sheet because of pressure. So, while transferring answers you must be attentive.  


To ace the reading section you have to practice more and more. As we all know practice makes things and people better. So, you have to practice reading the module. It will make you familiar with reading patterns and question types. Moreover, it boosts your time management skills.

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To sum it up, to get a high band score in the reading module you have to follow the above-mentioned tips. 

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