Top 10 Elvis Presley Songs to Listen

Top 10 Elvis Presley Songs to Listen

Elvis Presley stands as an iconic musician. From heartfelt ballads to electrifying rock and roll tracks, Mp3juice offers his top ten songs.

Otis Blackwell wrote this hit song for Elvis in 1957 and it went on to reach number one on the pop charts for weeks! Featuring an upbeat rhythm and memorable lyrics that’ll have you wanting to get up and dance, Otis’ song features catchy rhythmic elements that’ll have you wanting to move!

That’s All Right

This song from Elvis Presley’s debut record remains one of his timeless classics today, thanks to its catchy beat and “Mm-mm, yeah, yeah, yeah” lyrics that will get anyone moving. Written by Otis Blackwell after witnessing someone shake a bottle of Pepsi. It topped the charts in 1957 for eight weeks straight – no surprise it ranks amongst our top 10 Elvis songs to listen to!

Sam Phillips initially was dubious of young Elvis when he brought him into Sun Studios on July 5, 1954, as several blues and country songs passed without making much of an impression. Finally, during a lively rendition of Arthur Crudup’s That’s All Right Mama performed by Presley with Bill Black playing his clicking bass, Scotty Moore added electric guitar fills along with Sam himself providing an echo that produced an intense bass sound effect. This performance would prove revolutionary!

Elvis achieved success with this song that became a number one hit that remained on the chart for 27 weeks – it demonstrated his unique music style to the world and established him as an iconic rock and roll figure.

Though his career would subsequently decline, this song is often considered to be his comeback song. Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller reworked an original 1952 R&B stomper into an upbeat rock and roll track for use in the film of the same name; it became an international smash hit and cultural touchstone due to a choreographed dance scene featured within.

Always On My Mind

Always On My Mind is one of Elvis Presley’s most mesmerising ballads, perfectly encapsulating the sentiment of eternal love and the sense of loss in relationships. Many artists have attempted to recreate its sublime beauty; none have come close. Written originally from a woman’s point-of-view, Elvis’ rendition made this track irresistibly enjoyable – its charming tune and emotive lyrics captivating audiences for generations.

Although this song deals with sad subject matter, its poignancy shows off Elvis’ talent of captivating audiences with raw emotion and captivating vocal performances. Recorded shortly after Martin Luther King was assassinated, it features references to civil rights activism and was first performed as part of 1968 Elvis Comeback Special and remains an iconic piece of music to this day.

Elvis’ softer songs such as Daddy Where Are You are heartfelt ballads that reveal his sensitive side. This gorgeous track is enhanced by string section accompaniment and rhythm section syncopations; its memorable notes of piano add further intimacy while its lyrics evoke feelings of longing.

Elvis was one of the first musicians to successfully appeal to women around the globe with his sensual style and music. One of his biggest hits in both the US and UK was this fun rock song featuring its catchy chorus that cemented his reputation as a rock superstar; additionally, this track helped to increase country music popularity across America; its catchy chorus can still be heard regularly at concerts today!

Mystery Train

Elvis recorded over 700 songs over his career, yet certain ones truly stand out. One such stand-out is “I Want You Back,” an upbeat rock and roll tune which was one of his signature tunes and became a chart-topper on both Pop and R&B charts – its catchy tune will certainly inspire dance floor moves!

Written by Mae Axton and Tommy Durden, this powerful track tells the tale of an oppressed minority struggling for survival in America. Released just two months after Martin Luther King was assassinated, Elvis’ version is both passionate and stirring.

Released in 1956, this iconic song has become a universal symbol of heartache and longing. The haunting melody and Elvis’ soulful vocals perfectly capture the pain associated with broken hearts; making this an absolute must-listen for any Elvis fan!

This infectious, energetic tune was the debut hit from Elvis’s RCA The Hitman by Manoj V Jain Book Review Records deal and quickly reached top 10 status on both Pop and Country charts, earning him his first Top Ten position for both categories. It features an iconic chorus and timeless lyrics to ensure this will always remain relevant in popular culture.

This powerful tune marked Elvis’s comeback to public performance following his time in the military, and became his first number-one hit of the 1960s – also his last rock song before shifting focus towards ballads. Led by Scotty Moore’s guitar and Bill Black’s bass slapback bass percussion section, its catchy rhythm section provides this track with irresistible groove that will have you bopping along to its infectious beat!

Can’t Help Falling In Love

Elvis’ love songs remain an integral part of his legacy. From classic ballad “Love Me Tender” to rock and roll anthem “Jailhouse Rock,” these tunes have touched generations of fans. Although most of Elvis’ work was original, he also covered numerous lesser-known hits to make them his own.

Blue Hawaii soundtrack hit, this timeless ode to true love was one of Elvis Presley’s most-played live show songs and has since been covered by several artists including reggae hitmaker UB40 who turned it into a reggae smash hit in 1993.

Mac Davis wrote this poignant song shortly after Martin Luther King was murdered and includes excerpts from his iconic speech as well as quotes from him. Though its subject matter can be distressing, this track has become an instant classic and is popularly played at weddings and Valentine’s Day events alike.

No Elvis fan could miss this seductive number by the legendary performer, with its sensual dance moves and powerful vocals making this track an essential listen. No wonder it was the first song to hit No.1 in 1972!

Elvis fans love this energetic rock tune with its catchy “hunk-a-hunk-a” chorus, released in 1957. It helped launch Elvis’ career and was an international success; previously he had struggled to strike an ideal balance between ballads and energetic rock and roll; this track proved that he was back on top form; it would become one of his final chart-toppers before his untimely demise five years later.

Suspicious Minds

Suspicious Minds by American songwriter Mark James tells the tale of two people whose relationship has gone sour; trust has been replaced with toxic suspicion that has rendered life miserable for each. Although written from both perspectives, Suspicious Minds seems to favor male protagonist as being the one being suspicious.

Elvis made this song one of his signature live show pieces and its emotional story of missing one’s lover is still relevant today. Additionally, it stands out among recordings made with multiple takes spliced together – something not possible on traditional studio albums.

Elvis proved his prowess at mixing genres when he released this country rocker as one of his hits in 1969; its initial chart success wasn’t overwhelming, but when revived as part of his live shows in the 70s it gained much more exposure, showing that Elvis still had plenty to give in this decade and beyond.

This powerful soulful ballad by Elvis doesn’t address his personal life; instead it serves as an indictment on political circumstances in America at that time and has been described as one of the most influential protest songs ever released.

Though no consensus has yet been reached regarding whether this song is the greatest ever recorded by The King, no one can deny that it is one of his most iconic. With its poignant lyrics and soulful vocals, no one could fail to be moved by its mesmerizing performance. Over time it has become synonymous with him, continuing to win new admirers while holding onto old ones as well.

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